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Project Description
Continuous Integration for Cucumber tests within TFS. This project gives you the ability to run cucumber profiles containing specified features and return a result that TFS can interpret as a passing or failing test.

Credentials can also be supplied for impersonation.

Example using a test method to run a profile called "SmokeTestProfile" with some user credentials

public void RunSmokeTests(){
     var user = new User{Domain = "SOMEDOMAIN", Name = "Bob", Password = "Password"};

     CucumberResults cucumberResults = new CucumberService().Run("c:\CucumberTestDirectory", "run.bat", "smokeTestProfile", "SmokeTest.txt", user);

     Assert.IsTrue(cucumberResults.Passed, "Smoke tests failed, see SmokeTest.txt for details.");

You need to have ruby 1.87 with Cucumber installed, you can do this by following the steps below:

Install ruby 1.87 using one click installer

open command prompt and do the following:

If behind a proxy server use the following line:
set http_proxy=http://username:password@proxyserver:8080

gem install rspec
gem install gherkin
gem install cucumber
gem install win32console

Ensure all unit and integration tests are running. The code should be fairly straight forward and self documenting but happy to answer questions...

Next step will be a GUI workflow to make it easier to setup new builds.

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